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New blog post from The Raw Chef Russell James discussing how to adapt to eating raw when your family doesn’t. The is also an EXCLUSIVE LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT so make sure you read the whole thing 🙂

You know when you sit down for dinner and you’d really rather be eating something healthier?


Why aren’t you? 




No judgement, just a question.


Much of my day is taken up thinking about – and finding out – the answer to this question.


Along with all the unanswered questions in Lost.  I still have no idea what those numbers meant.


TV shows aside, I’m in the business of making a difference


In fact, I have a 7 year ‘game’ to make raw food part of 5 million people’s everyday lives worldwide.


Not the kind of “you must be 100% raw” craziness.  But the “raw food accessible every day” type of situation.


You need some participation


I’m going to level with you here; if you can’t get the people you live with to eat healthier with you, there’s going to be a problem.


Again, let me clarify. . .


I’m not talking about leaving your significant other because he doesn’t want to drink grass juice.


But I am talking about you being able to make a meal that the whole family can enjoy TOGETHER.


A healthy meal, mostly raw, that other people can add things to if they want.  Like if you’ve got a meat eater you cater for.


A quick story. . .


Back in the summer of 2012 I got more obsessed than normal with this question of how can I actually keep you on that healthy food path.


So I asked.  I sent out an email with the question, “What do you want from me?”


BTW – if you read that last question in a frantic and desperate voice, that’s most certainly not the way I asked it. . .Go back and reread it in a ‘Mary Poppins how-can-I-help-you’ type of voice. . .that’ll be close.


The answers came in


I read them.


Most people thought they needed more recipes, more time and more willpower.


Let me tell you, recipes are everywhere, there’s no shortage of those.


I definitely can’t give you time.


And I’m not Tony Robbins, therefore I can’t give you willpower.  


Side note #1: you don’t need more willpower.


Willpower is temporary and rarely creates change.


Willpower ain’t going to make your family enjoy a meal with you.  No sir.


Side note #2: I do like Tony Robbins.


So what is the answer?


Well based on the feedback, I started planning out some free videos and recipes.


And I posted a blog to check I was on the right path.


Because no one likes to hear the sound of crickets and tumbleweed when they give something their best effort.  


The blog post is currently sitting at 1033 comments.


Pretty epic.


I knew I was on the right path.  So I released the freebies.


It went down a storm.


I felt there was something more


That ’something more’ was the full Weekday Raw course.


In Weekday Raw, I started to introduce lessons on light cooking.  You know, like if you want to eat something cooked with your raw food, what the heck do you eat?


And what about the rest of your family?  You need recipes that they can add things to (meat for meat eaters etc).  That way you don’t have to make separate dinners for everyone.


And what about saving time?  Yeah, I got you covered on that too.  Because I looked at what I do to eat raw, and it’s all about the staples.


You gotta have the staples to keep you going.


Staples for me are things I have on hand all the time, so I can breakdance into the kitchen and whip up a meal pronto. 


Things are about to get better


Weekday Raw is just about to get better, as we’re adding macronutrient (calories, fats, carbs & protein) counts to each recipe.


Plus we’re adding a mini course on how to get that digestion working for you, so you’ll digest easier than Jabba The Hut on a cheat day.


Aaaaad, we’re adding bonuses on how to easily get more raw food into your day, from people who are doing just that.


Learning from people that are doing this stuff successfully is by far the most powerful thing you can do.  That’s what Tony would say.


The long and short of this is that we’re increasing the price of Weekday Raw on Friday at midnight eastern US time.


It’s going from $197 to $297.


So if you’ve been thinking of joining us for this course, now is the time.


The thing is, it doesn’t feel like that’s enough.  I want to do something a little bit more fancier-er.


So I’m going to offer 40% off the current price.  That makes it $117.


That means, even if we ever do offers on the new price, it’ll never be this much of a steal again.


To take advantage of this, you’re going to need a discount code.


Here’s the discount code: WRFS40


The page you need to go to visit is this one


Just enter that code at the checkout before midnight Friday and you’ll be set.


I really hope you’ll come join us in Weekday Raw.  I really want to make it easier for you to get raw food into your (and your family’s) life.


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